Tuner-tastic! New addition; Arcam Delta 80 AM/FM Stereo Tuner – Analogue

Just arrived today. It looks great, but slightly disapointed that the inter-station muting can not be defeated. I belieTuner collection; Technics GT650, ST-G90L, Arcam Delta 80, Rega Radio, Creek, T40, Denon 1500RDve that human ears can always pick out faint stations better than any circuit can and it’s for me to decide how weak a station I want to listen to, not a pre-set mute threshold.

Anyway, that said, it’s lovely playing about with a completely analogue tuner again. Been many a year. It’s also worth mentioning that this originally sold for around £400 in 1989 (just under £1k in today’s money according to an online inflation calculator).

I picked it up on feebay for £32 plus postage …