Going through a major hifi tuner phase..

You see, they’re so damn cheap on ebay these days.. Tuners which originally sold for £2-300 can be had for as little as £10-30 and high-end ones which sold for around 1k are selling for around £100. So even though the choices of stations are limited where I live, the reception is generally poor and most of the stations I can receive well,2019-04-28 19.08.43 are of the highly compressed variety, I am just a sucker for well-made, expensive stuff, especially when it can be had for the cost of a couple of nights out or less.

Hopefully this phase of mine will pass soon.. oh I’ve got another 2 on the way; an old Arcam Delta 80 (analogue but with digital readout and analogue presets!) and another Technics, supposidly one of their best ever; the ST-G90L. I just lost out by £2 for another go at a Linn Pekin. First one I got had a strange issue where it was very reluctant to output stereo, even with strong stations..

FM tuners are, I think the best bargains in hifi-land at the mo. Most other things hold their value well; even quality tape decks are commanding a decent premium.

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