Sold B&W P7 Wireless and bought Beyerdynamic DT880

OK, so I bit the bullet and sold one headphone; my B&W P7 Wireless… If I had cash to spare I would’ve happily kept these in a drawer ‘just in case’ and for the occasional time I was in the mood for their sound signature. However I have been using them less and less, finding them uncomfortable and with all their benefits duplicated (and executed better) with another headphone; Sony MDR 1000x selling seemed the best option. Plus they have held their value well; they sold within a few hours and I got slightly more than I paid for them more than two years ago!

Initial impressions of the Beyer; Similar sonic signature to the AKG K712 but not quite as open and with slight sibilance evident on certain vocals. Bass is slightly more prominent though. Hmm- these may be sold in the future.. but that said, these are the most beautiful and luxurious feeling/looking headphones I have owned. Wearing them is like putting fluffy slippers on my head.

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